Land Registry Identity Verification

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about’s here for those people who need to find a solicitor to complete an ID verification for HM Land Registry purposes.

The Land Registry insists on someone who’s involved in a property transaction to be formally identified by a solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive (CILEX).  Where a person has appointed a local solicitor to act on his or her behalf then the solicitor will usually be satisfied to confirm his/her client’s ID with Land Registry.  However, not everyone involved in a property transaction has a local solicitor acting on their behalf, and so instead lists those local solicitors who can assist with the Land Registry’s ID requirements.

The most commonly used ID Form is the ID1.  This is for verifying an individual citizen.  There is also an ID2 Form for where the transaction involves a corporate entity (usually a limited company).  In that instance, he or she needs to be verified as a director of the company AND for the company’s ID it’s necessary to produce an official company search stating it hasn’t been dissolved in the previous 3 months.  Our listed solicitors will be able to assist with either the ID1 Form, the ID2 Form, or both.

In addition, the ID1 and ID2 can now be completed by video call online by a solicitor.  The solicitor will complete the Land Registry ID5 Form (instead of the solicitor section of the ID1/ID2). now has listing for expert solicitor listings to choose from who will handle the verification of your identification by way of a video call and completing the ID5 Form.

At you can choose how get your Land Registry ID Forms completed:

1. Find a solicitor locally, or

2. Request an appointment with a solicitor offering the ID5 online video call service.  You can view  the profiles of solicitors and the prices listed for their services for completing your Land Registry ID Form.